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Scene Five

This is a group project in which our brief was to create something Shakespeare-themed, and pitch the idea - making it feel believable.

We decided to make Shakespeare sexy, creating a behind-closed-doors, period-themed dating night.

"Scene 5 is an event for those who seek to find others with an interest in role play. It is an exclusive event with a new location each time, with a members and invite-only basis."

A luxury, high-end event, Scene 5 has a stripped back set of rules in regards to the visuals. Deep colours with a hand-stamped logo ensure the brand and it’s printed materials feel mutually decadent and hand-crafted at the same time. 

We decided to photograph velvet and corset materials up close to mimick and denote the ruffling of costumes, or bed sheets.

Promotional posters, hinting at a theme but not exclusively saying what the event is - adding to the mystery of it.

A custom stamp for the logo, to make all printed material feel personal, expensive and decadent.

A menu featuring Shakespearian-themed cocktails,  including the Serpent's Tooth, Love's Labour and The Montague.

Playing cards featuring a persona and agenda on the back - this is to help carry out the role playing side of the event.

Promotional film to hint at the event without revealing any details of the location, people involved or the event itself.

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