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Early in the Mornin'

Song Mapping

A large poster I made to map the song “Early in the Mornin’” - a prison song recorded in 1947 at Parchman Farm, Mississipi. I wanted to visually represent the chain gangs from this time while taking influence from African art. I wanted to create something bright and energetic to symbolise the spirit of the prisoners in the song, as this is what they claimed to have kept them alive.

I firstly created a poster with letterpress as this is the way newspapers were printed at that time. I then used the risograph process to print it. 

After this, I made an informative booklet detailing the farm and the prisoners, featuring the letterpressed dots to keep a cohesive and consistent design. This was to explain not only the poster, but to inform the audience of the farm. 

I then wanted to find ways of translating the design into an outdoor setting. My proposal was to display these in various spaces that could use some light and community spirit. 

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